Saturday, August 16, 2008

Le Tourment Vert: The Green Torment

Box and Bottle

Finally, absinthe is legal again, and starting to be more and more accessible. I found this bottle in a specialty foods store that had a fairly large booze selection. I am not going to go into the story of absinthe and how real absinthe has never mad people hallucinate any more than any other alcohol or any of that rubbish. For all that check out


Scent: The first thing you smell, with the tip of your nose is an artificially minty smell. It smells almost like a bunch of York peppermint patty’s swished around in Scope. The follow-up scent is a full, think licorice smell; which to me is great. Not until the end of the sniff do you get the 100 proof alcohol nose hair burns.

Color: The color looks like it was manufactured to hold a light-green hue. Sitting in the glass it looks like a nice, clean emerald. You could put this in a Scope bottle and no could tell the difference. Actually, I think the makers may have been in such a hurry to get this on the shelves once the ban was lifted they thinned out some Scope with some Everclear and called it good enough.

Le Tourment Vert profile
Le Tourment Vert above

Louche: The louche is green and dense. It looks like a foggy green cloud in a glass. It is not very smooth in its development. At one point it is clear emerald green, then all of a sudden it is cloudy aqua.

First drop of water and sugar
Oil, sugar, water, and alcohol
Louch profile
Louch above

Flavor with sugar: I drink my absinthe with two sugar cubes, and mix the tradition 1:4 ratio. This mouthwash tastes pretty nice, it has a strong mint overtone but with a very heavy, strong, full licorice flavor. Either the people who make this are masters of their craft at a level higher than anyone else in the world, or this has some artificial licorice in it. I really can’t taste anything else. It tastes like a boozed-up, liquefied Good & Plenty. Not bad.

Preparation profile
Preparation above
Cube remains on a spoon

Flavor without sugar: Tastes nothing like a Good & Plenty. Has the same minty taste upfront with the overpowering licorice flavor throughout. The hot alcohol sensation only arrives after you swallow the elixir. The oils in the drink are much more apparent without sugar. I can feel them roll around on top of my tongue, and slide to my throat before being swallowed. It is a bit more if a sensation than drinking it with sugar, but I like it sugar better, always.

Overall: 7.6 of 10 (I really like Good & Plenty’s)
Ready to drink.


eric said...

That looks sooo good! I like the packaging..the bottle is really pretty!

Anonymous said...

This stuff is real deal!

Anonymous said...

I've had it and I think it was terrible. I've also had "real" absinthe in the Czech Republic and it was nothing like this. Just one more thing that's been copied and ruined.

But the bottle is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I brought it to a party once and have been requested to bring it ever since. Don't care if it's the real deal or not, it's been the most fun liquer ever. Taste horrible watered down. We just do shots neat. Much better. Its like Jagermeister and creme de menthe mixed together that way. Makes everything funnier...