Friday, July 25, 2008

If they aren’t doing anything as Senators why would they do anything as Presidents?

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama have essentially been choosen to represent the two parties in this open party election process. I wish we could get the Whigs back just for some flavor in this crap. I have my choice for which less bad Senator I am going to try to put in the highest individual office in our country. The problem that stands yet unaddressed is this: these men are claiming that “If I were President I would … to fix this country.” Well you know what mother fuckers, you’re god damn Senators. That’s no joke.

I am not sure if you two are aware of this or not, but nothing in our Government gets done by one person. You aren’t going to be able to make and Executive Order to do whatever the hell you want. A lot of people have said that President Bush has done a lot of things upon his own volition, but you know what Congress (which Senators happen to be a part of) CAN TELL HIM NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And have read through your “If I were President…” statements. Well you know what, if you haven’t gotten done what you want done as a Senator, then how the hell do you expect to do it as President. You are Senators, it is your job to write, propose, and vote on legislation that will change the way the country behaves.

Sen. McCain, if you can’t influence enough of your fellow Senators; Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, to repeal the offshore drilling regulations; then how the hell are you going to do it as President. To everyone else in the world you will be President, and that will seem important, but when it is the JOB of Congress to make sure you don’t do something stupid; you are must another guy that needs to be argued against and shut down.

Sen. Obama, if you were President you would bring the war in Iraq to and end. First of all, you are a SENATOR in CONGRESS, I DON’T CARE WHAT THE President says or does if there are enough members of the Senate and the House that disagree with him, he can’t do shit. If you can’t get your branch of government to overturn the current situation then what makes you think that you will be able to keep them from overturning your plans.

Now, these are just two points of many issues concerning the prospective President. However; the point I am trying to make is that the men running for the highest office in the Executive Branch of the United States Government are men who already hold positions in the Legislative Branch of the United States Government. If they can not accomplish what they set out to accomplish at a lateral/lower level, what makes anybody think they can succeed at a higher level. If you have a mail clerk in your office who can’t read, would you promote him to office secretary?

And gentlemen, please remember, a President inherits their first term from the man before them, jus as President Bush inherited a still living Osama bin Laden from President Clinton, you too will inherit the benefits of an accomplished Iraqi War from President Bush.

Oh and why the hell is Obama campaigning in Europe none of them have any say in our election process. The Germans and French don’t mean shit to the United States. The only thing they are good for here is cheese and beer. Now I know that some of his trips were very conveniently timed official Congressional business, but Mr. Obama GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THE COUNTRY YOU WANT TO LEAD AND DO A DAMN THING THAT MATTERS. McCain may be following a campaign trail based on money, but hell, at least he is showing that he cares about the people that are actually CITIZENS of the country he wants to lead.

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