Monday, September 7, 2009

Jobless people shouldn't be allowed to have fun on Labor Day

Labor day is for people who labor, not for people who don't labor.  In this instance I am very liberal with the definitaion of "labor". Essentially, if you have a job the day before and the day after labor day; you labor. 

Now every day is a holiday for slackers and bums so how do we make sure they don't celebrate Labor Day. Here's how.

Punch them in the face.

Every person who has a job can punch any person who does not have a job in the face. You can hit any jobless person as hard as you want, one time.  You can hit as many jobless people as you can find, but only one punch per jobless no good peice of shit slacker who doesn't deserve the egg smelling socks he wears.  This way people with jobs can relax, let go of some stress, and we can all make sure people without jobs aren't freeloading off our holiday; amongst other things.  The worthless pieces of shit they are.

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