Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blueberry Beer: Like boozed up breakfast muffins

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I went to the Anheuser-Busch factory and got a bunch of different beers to try out. This first one is a blueberry concoction called “Wild Blue”. It is billed as a Blueberry lager.
I don't know what the hell this thing is supposed to be, a wild blue perhaps?

It goes on and on stroking its own blueberry stem about how it gets its flavor and color from some natural source, but none of that matters before you open the bottle. What matters is the 8% alcohol by volume content. 8% beer = 100% badassery.
Color: Upon pouring the beer out into my good enough beer glass it is readily apparent that this is no normal beer with flavorings crap. They at least put some something in it to color it. It looks like it could be made of blueberries. Not the best head producer around; just like stupid teenage girls I swear I’d be better off just doing it myself.
Yeah yeah, so I don't have a real beer glass, screw off.

Smell: Just as I pull a whiff I smell a strong blueberry/scrambled egg combination that baffles my senses. There must be some sulfur content in this high enough to smell or this wouldn’t be. A deeper breath using the nose and mouth to inhale produces a pleasant blueberry muffin smell. Not hoppy or barley-y.
Taste: It is not very strongly flavored. It has about the taste ka-pow of an MGD 64. Although the flavour (oh yeah, Euro-trash style) is pleasant. I can taste blueberry in it. It is almost like a weak wine cooler but with a good bit more alcoholic gusto. Speaking of which, the alcohol is barely discernable, which is awesome since I hate the nose hair burning sensation that is the wavy stench lines of alcohol. It most defiantly does not taste like a beer, or lager. It is more like a blueberry cider. Overall it is pretty good. If I could find a 6-pack for under ten bucks (which you can at the beer plant) I would probably buy it every now and then.

Even though it's not a real beer glass it doens't have the best head anyway.

I don't know why there is so much space betwee the picture and the text.  Fuck blogger.com
Beer Score: 2 of 6
Blueberry alcohol beverage score: 5 of 5

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