Monday, September 7, 2009

A different bitch with the health care system.

Our health care system is dicked.

First of all upon entrance to the medical facility of your choice you should write down either what you think is wrong with you, or what you think the medical staff will discover is or is not wrong with you. If you are told they same thing as what you wrote down then you don’t pay for shit.

For example, If I write down, “My knee hurts and I don’t know why.”, and the doctor tells you he doesn’t know why your knee hurts; then you don’t pay for a damn thing. If you say, “I have acid reflux” and he says “you have acid reflux” you don’t pay him a damn thing. If you say I need Medicine A and after he pokes all over you he says you need Medicine A, you don’t pay for the poking, you just pay for the scrip. To hell with all this you came in so you owe me $35 and your insurance owes me $300 crap, pay for product. Maybe this will give doctors some damn motivation on figuring out what’s wrong with people instead of giving them vicodine and sending them on their merry way.

And holy-crap-sack-batman what the hell is going on with fucking x-ray techs. These pieces of shit are the dredge at the bottom of the medical world barrel. You have to pay for all kinds of shit you don’t want. Pay for each exposure taken, pay for each exposure, pay for the stupid son of a bitch who couldn’t cut it in real college to “read” the x-ray.

How about this, since I already know which part of my body is assed up I take the damn picture. This way I only need one taken and don’t have to pay for two more that aren’t for a damn thing. This would also cut out the picture taker all together. Just put that little button over on this side of you nuclear defense wall, I think I can figure it out. Also, since I’m not a god damn retard, I’ll “read” the x-ray. It doesn’t take a fucking biologist to see that there is something in my arm that’s not supposed to fucking be there. I already know what’s wrong I just need proof to tell doctor why I need my hydrocodone.

And what’s with “reading” and x-ray. It’s a damn photograph. You don’t read a picture, you look at it. So I am paying the hospital equivalent of a Burger King order taker $70 a pop to look at a picture of my hand. Fuck that.

Oh, and get rid of insurance all together. If you can’t afford to pay for your hospital stay, then don’t get sick you weak miserable piece of shit.

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